Korea's Global Capabilities

Korea is leading global innovation.
In the ICT industry, in particular, Korea hasunrivaled capabilities.

  • 삼성, LG
    Global No. 1 in semiconductors, displays, smartphones,
    ithium batteries, chemicals, and steel
    11th in the world, 2nd in Asia (2019)
    in the WIPO Global Innovation Index
  • P&G
    The test bed of global companies such as Intel, Google, Microsoft, P&G
    Top 3 for 9 consecutive years
    in Bloomberg World Innovation Index
  • FORTUNE 500
    223 Fortune 500 companies working
    with local businesses in Korea
  • ITU
    Top 2 for 7 consecutive years
    in ITU ICT development Index
Distance between Korea and Major Global Cities
Multiple mega cities within a 3-hour flight of Korea
  • Beijing, Tianjin, and Shenzhen of China selected as the top 15 emerging markets with the highest population growth rate until 2030.
Direct global transport infrastructure from Saemangeum
Saemangeum New Port begins to open in 2025
Saemangeum New Airport opens in 2028
Saemangeum New Port Phase 1 completed by 2030
Saemangeum New Port Phase 2 completed by 2040

Worldwide FTA MAP

Korea is the world's third largest FTA economic territory and a global free trade hub.

Direct links to 80% of global GDP

  • In effect
  • Signed
  • Negotiations concluded
  • Negotiations in progress
Vast FTA Economic Territory of Korea

Global Logistics Hub

With the opening of the Arctic Route, Korea's importance has surged in global trade. Compared to the Suez Canal route, the shorter distance of the new route has led to sharper improvement in fuel costs, operating days, and labor costs. With reduced logistics costs, Korea has further enhanced its position as the logistics hub in Northeast Asia.
기존항로에서 북극항로로 기존항로에서 북극항로로
  • Distance reduced by 32%
  • Time reduced by 10 days

With easier access to China, Saemangeum has the greatest potential in trade and tourism with China including logistics and cruise business.