Saemangeum Project Overview

The Saemangeum Project is a national project to construct “a Global Treasure Saemangeum’ that will serve as the economic hub of Northeast Asia  by promoting industry, business and tourism on a vast area including the world’s longest sea wall (33.9km) from Gunsan to Buan that creates 291㎢ of reclaimed land and a lake as large as 118㎢ in addition to 3.3㎢ on Gogunsangundo Islands and 4.9㎢ developed as a new port outside the seawall.

  • Location

    Gunsan-si, Gimje-si, and Buan-gun in Jeollabuk-do

  • Area

    409㎢ (Land 291㎢, Lake 118㎢) created by the world’s longest seawall (33.9km)

  • Budget

    KRW 22.2 trillion
    (Central government: 10.9, local government: 0.9, private investment: 10.3)

  • Expected population

    (upon project completion) 759000, (290,000 inside the Saemangeum Project area)

Spatial information


Total area 409㎢

(land 291㎢, lake 118㎢)

  • Industry·Research Area

    41.7㎢ (14.3%)
  • International Cooperation Area

    52.0㎢ (17.9%)
  • Agro-bio Area

    94.3㎢ (32.4%)
  • Leisure·Tourism Area

    36.8㎢ (12.7%)
  • Eco-Environment Area

    42.0㎢ (14.4%)
  • Hinterland city and other facilities

    24.2㎢ (8.3%)

Saemangeum, the birthplace of a new civilization

The Saemangeum Project is the largest ever reclamation project in Korea, creating a total of 40,900ha (409㎢) of a reclaimed area including 29,100ha of land and 11,800ha of freshwater, by building the world's longest seawall (33.9km) connecting Buan-gun and Gunsan-si. The newly created area is equivalent to two-thirds of Seoul and four times as big as Paris, or each Korean can be given an additional 9.9㎡ of reclaimed land.

'Saemangeum(AriuL), a birthplace of a new civilization '

Saemangeum will unfold an absolutely new and amazing future,

  • A special zone for transnational economic cooperation
    where global countries co-prosper through
    economic cooperation
  • A global residence/exchange hub city
    that embraces multiculturalism based on
    world-class residential conditions
  • A vibrant green waterfront city
    that promotes harmony between humans and nature through
    high-tech agriculture among others
  • A consumer-tailored planned city
    that flexibly reflects the needs of
    investors and companies
  • A city offering customized incentives and specializing in deregulation
    that boldly break through regulations and provide incentives
    from the standpoint of companies

Moving forward, Saemangeum emerge as the symbol of the remarkable growth and development that Korea will achieve in the 21st century.
It will not only offer dreams and hopesfor those living in the present.
It will also become a land of opportunities and possibilitiesfor those preparing for the future of the humanity.