Global Free Trade Hub

the City of New Civilization

Cross-border·Inter-industry Cooperation
for mutual prosperity and joint problem-solving

  1. 1 Transnational
    Economic cooperation
    Special Zone Formation
    • Building a cross-border economic community among Korea, China, Japan, etc.
  2. 2 Global Hub City
    for Living·Exchange
    • Premium City with World-Class Living Conditions
    • Convergent City to embrace multiculturalism
  3. 3 Vibrant
    Green Waterfront City
    • Eco-friendly City with Human and Nature in Harmony
    • Green City with Sustainble Advanced Agriculture
  4. 4 Consumer
    Planned City
    • Flexible City to reflect demand from investors and businesses
  5. 5 Specialized City of
    • Testbed City of Customized Incentives and Deregulation