Investment Guide

Investment and Business Opportunities

  • Foreigners, foreign companies, and other international organizations can participate in free economic activities in Saemangeum.
  • In order for you to be designated as a project developer in Saemangeum, you must meet the following conditions:
  • Investment on new facilities
  • Acquisition of Shares or Stocks, Long-term loans
  • Single investment by a foreign-invested company or
    a joint venture with a domestic company
  • Ability to attract foreign investments
  • Fiscal soundness and financing ability
  • Portfolio of similar projects

Foreign Investment and Project Participation

  • Foreign investors can make a Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) by independent investment or by joint venture (acquiring newly issued or existing shares or stocks).
    Their investments and corporate activities are protected and regulated by the Foreign Investment Promotion Act and other related laws.
  • Under the Special Act on Saemangeum, Foreign Investment Promotion Act (FIPA) and Special Act on FEZ, Foreign Investment can take various forms including direct investment by building a plant,
    implementation of a development project, equity investment, and investment in capital goods.
  • Foreigners can invest by joint venture with domestic corporations.

Types of Investment

Project Developer
  • Project implementation by a single
    company or joint venture investment
Joint Developer
  • Project participation based on
    internal agreements
  • Joint implementation by joint
Acquisition of Stocks
  • Investment through SPC’s new shares
    issuance or acquisition of outstanding
    • M&A strategic alliance
    • Acquiring newly issued stocks or
      existing stocks of SPC by institute
Long-term Loan
  • Investment in form of long-term loans
    of five years or longer to SPC
  • Long-term equipment financing loan
Investment of Capital Goods
  • Investment in equipment,
    buildings and raw/sub materials
Business Operator
  • SPC operator or direct user of the
    developed property
  • Tenant or direct user of the
    developed property
  • Shareholder owner of the facility
    through agreement with SPC
Technology Transfer
  • Evaluation and direct investment
    on technology introduction,
    provision and transfer
Research Institutions and others
  • R&D institutions, hospitals,
    schools etc.

For additional information, please contact:
KASDI (Korea Agency for Saemangeum Development & Investment Investment Attraction &Cooperation Division
Nara Ohk
Rachel Yoo (Jeong In Yoo)