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Saemangeum Project is a national project to develop new area as the next economic hub of Northeast Asia. Through this project, 283㎢ of new land was reclaimed and 118 ㎢ of lake was created after the construction of the world’s longest 33.9km sea dike connecting Gunsan and Buan on the west coast of Korea.

Saemangeum, the Special Land

Saemangeum includes the largest farming area in Korea and the Mid-West Sea.
The sea, islands, plains and mountains are in perfect harmony. The area is abundant in nature and cultural heritage.
Due to its fertile land, the area of Saemangeum traditionally has served as the country’s water storage.
Also, it is renown as “the field that saved the whole country from poor harvest years” and “the country’s essential repository.”

The special land, Saemangeum, is now poised to become Northeast Asia’s essential business center, bolstering its long reputation. This area shall be the hub for futuristic industries,
leisure and tourism, and the global economy.

Origin of word ‘Saemangeum’


S A E M A N G E U M= “ N E W ” M A N G E U M

  • Korean word for ‘new’
  • “MAN” from Man-kyeong plain
  • “GEUM” from Gim(Geum)-je plain
  • “bringing in riches and prosperity”

Now, Saemangeum shall be the ‘new land’ which will give birth to new civilization for green growth and clean environment covering economy, industry and tourism.

Location and Area of Saemangeum

Location : Central West coast of South Korea (Buan-gun, Gimje-si, Gunsan-si in Jeollabuk-do)

Location and Area of Saemangeum

Area : 401㎢

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Length of the sea dike : 33.9㎞ (World’s Longest)

Length of the sea dike