Living in Saemangeum

Saemangeum, a new global city Great Place to Live & Work

Living in Saemangeum

Saemangeum is different from other cities in that it is a total new city created on a newly reclaimed land. Instead of becoming a piece of puzzle or part of a ready-made picture, businesses and people coming into Saemangeum have tremendous opportunities and options to unfold. With its geographical advantage, Saemangeum is expected to lead not only Korea, but also the Northeast Asia, becoming the international business hub linking Korea and global cities. A diverse range of businesses and industries will bring global talents into Saemnageum, becoming home to over 760 thousand people, servicing Korea as well as China, Japan, and beyond.


760 thousand people. expected population

※Population of Nearby Cities
: Gunsan-si with a population of 278,000 (Male: 141,000,Female: 137,000)
Jeonju-si with a population of 646,000 (Male: 319,000, Female: 327,000)

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