Global City

01.Quality of Life -€“ Specialized in Education &Welfare
02.Safe Living Environment - With Much to See &Enjoy
03.Global Multicultural Hub - Free of Barriers or Discrimination

Global level education and welfare system

(Global Education) International curriculum and international schools for various cultural backgrounds (Premium Health City) Healthcare Town with quality welfare: excellent medical, healthcare and aesthetic services

Vibrant shopping and leisure environment -€“ large-scale leisure facilities, shopping town, cultural facilities, markets
* shopping-culture-welfare-leisure : all available within 10 minutes of life zone

Smart safety system with high-end technology : function (school zone etc.), distance (China street etc.)

City of global convergence and exchange -€“ no inconveniences from immigration to everyday life

(Multi Language Service) Foreigner-friendly city with Foreign Language Services
(information service for public transportation and cultural events, foreign language broadcasts, etc.)

(Sports & Cultural Exchange) Foreign sports & cultural facilities and events specially designed for foreign countries