Annual Letter

Saemangeum, to Become the Economic Hub of Northeast Asia, the Mecca of Creative Economy!

The World’s Longest 33.9km Sea Dike and The Newly Reclaimed Land as big as 2/3 of Seoul

The Saemangeum Project is one of the  historical projects that will change the whole landscape of Korea which aims to develop 409㎢ of newly reclaimed land into the economic hub Northeast Asia. Saemangeum, located in the middle of the west coast of Korea, is a state-owned land free of civil complaints on developments, and cheaper than any other industrial lands in Korea.Furthermore, with China at a stone’s throw, just across the Yellow Sea,Saemangeum has the best environment for investment, which can serve as an advance base both to the land and to the ocean. SDIA  is determined to develop Saemangeum into the global business hub everyone has dreamed about, and we look forward to your deep interest and support in the Saemangeum Project during the process. Thank you very much.

Administrator LeeCheolWoo ph.D