About SDIA

Saemangeum Development and Investment Agency aims to deliver great advantages and opportunities Saemangeum holds as the Best destination for global business and investment.

About SDIA

For foreign companies wishing to establish their business in Saemangeum and to take advantage of Northeast Asia’s new economic hub as a strategic base to cover Northeast Asia, SDIA, established in
September 2013, is a Korean Government Agency that works for Saemangeum Project, one of the biggest Korean national projects, aiming to develop the newly reclaimed area, Saemangeum, into an
economic hub of East Asia. We are your connection to the global business opportunities found in Saemangeum. We can help you access the markets and business resources of Northeast Asia as well as Korea.


We offer:

  • Responses to inquiries from companies or corporations interested in investing in or buying products and services from Saemangeum/Korea
  • Introductions to potential business partners, universities, property agents, financial services firms, regulatory and government authorities
  • Market visits for your business in Saemangeum
  • Meetings to help you recognize investment opportunities
  • Meeting rooms in Seoul/Saemangeum, so you can meet potential clients
  • Other assistance on a case-by-case basis

PR Video:

In April 2010 , a new territory was born in the Republic of Korea.


A wide area, two-thirds the size of Seoul and half the size of Singapore was created by constructing the world's longest sea wall …


And it is to become a brand new economic heart of Korea. Saemangeum: the city that will become a global free trade hub of the future.


In September 2013, the Government of the Republic of Korea established Saemangeum Development and Investment Agency(SDIA), showing their firm commitment to support the Saemangeum initiative.


To actively promote investment, SDIA has established five development goals that aim for transnational economic cooperation and deregulation. In addition, SDIA has planned six function areas: Industry & Research Area, International Cooperation Area, Leisure & Tourism Area, Agro-bio Area, Residential/Urban Area, and Eco-Environment Area.


SDIA will develop Saemangeum into a dream city for investors.


At the China-Korea Summit in July 2014, two countries jointly announced an agreement for a Saemangeum Korea-China Economic Cooperation Complex(SECC), further elevating and strengthening the status of Saemangeum.


In October 2015, Saemangeum was designated as the only place for FTA industrial complex in Korea; and “Korea-China FTA Export Base” is currently underway.


Located at the heart of northeast Asia, and in close proximity to, main port cities of China such as Shanghai and Tianjin, Saemangeum has become the focus of attention from businesses that are keen to enjoy the benefits of Korea-China FTA.


Reflecting such growing interest, Saemangeum is already witnessing a number of global companies joining Saemangeum. Korea-based OCISE and Japan- based Toray are already running their factories, while Belgium-based Solvay and China’s CNPV have just started the construction of their plants.


“Saemangeum has the perfect location to become the export base to China, where businesses can enjoy the maximized benefits of the Korea-China FTA."


The Government of the Republic of Korea and SDIA are determined to introduce excellent transportation infrastructure such as inter-city road network system, new port, expressway, railway, and airport, to further maximize the attractiveness of Saemangeum as an investment destination.


In July 2015, the construction of the East-West 2nd Axis Road began, further accelerating the land development.


Moreover, South-North 2nd Axis Road is already completed with master-planning and is currently in administration stage.


SDIA is continuously working on deregulation policies, tax reduction, and investment incentives in order to make Saemangeum an attractive destination for businesses.


"SDIA has provided active support for the construction of Cogeneration Plant such as one-stop services for authorization and permission.”


"Saemangeum project is a national project, which is why the Korean government established SDIA to direct and guide the whole process of the Project. So we had no doubt in the credibility of the project and decided to invest in Saemangeum."


As an attractive investment destination, Saemangeum has its own natural wonders, including Gogunsan Islands with 63 small beautiful islands, where the sea, lakes and land create breathtakingly marvelous scenery.


Furthermore, Saemangeum is the candidate for the 2023 World Scout Jamboree, which will further elevate its investment value for tourism and leisure.


Invest in Saemangeum!


Saemangeum is Korea’s new territory destined to succeed. It is a promised land with significant incentives from the government.


A new city to become a global free trade hub!


A city to write a new future!


This is Saemangeum!