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Press [Mar 13 2019] SDIA Conducts Seasonal Safety Inspection Service on Construction Site
Attach Files Date 2019.03.13

SDIA conducts seasonal safety inspection service on construction site

KOSHA put teeth in its expertise with experts


SDIA(Administrator Kim Hyun-suk) will conduct safety checks on major construction sites and facilities in the Saemangeum area for 8 days (Mar 13-20) in order to prevent safety accidents and environmental damages as well as to avoid fraudulent construction.


This inspection is in line with the National Safety Assessment(Organized by the Ministry of the Interior and Safety, Feb 18 ~ Apr 19) and focuses on preventing prejudicial disasters that may occur in construction sites and facilities while settling 'Safety Culture' in the area.


In addition, special measures will be taken to prevent damages from dust by strengthening administrative measures and on-site guidance

for construction sites where fog dust (flying dust) is likely to occur during spring.


Regarding the problems discovered through this seasonal inspection, it is decided that immediate measures will be taken to

those matters that they can correct on the spot; however, it will be re-checked soon after complementing stage, whether it takes time or requires financial resources to reinforce it.



  The safety inspection targets are 11 construction sites including roads, industrial complexes, new port and 3 factories in the industrial complex.

it includes checking on △ ground settlement or raising △ Safety and quality control at workplace △ Safety of Facility △ Environmental management.


In addition, SDIA plans to conduct inspection on safety and health management for those work in the field, jointly with ‘Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency(KOSHA*)’,

and also provide experts for improving the process. *SDIA concluded MoU with KOSHA on disaster prevention on Feb 18th.


  Administrator Kim said, "We will concentrate all administrative power to secure safety in the Saemangeum area and examine the details of it,

so that workers out there can work in a safer place."


Meanwhile, SDIA regularly conducts safety inspections in each vulnerable period of time(such as thawing, monsoon, winter season) for safety-oriented development.



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