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Press [Mar 4 2019] SDIA Signed MOU for 'Saemangeum Renewable Energy Research institute'
Attach Files Date 2019.03.04

          SDIA Signed MoU for ‘Saemangeum Renewable Energy Research institute’

- SDIA, teaming up with KIER, KTL

- Gained Momentum for Renewable energy research and Infrastructure development


□ SDIA(Administrator, Kim Hyun-suk) and Jeollabuk-do province(Governor, Song Ha-jin) announced that they signed an agreement forSaemangeum Renewable Energy Research institutewith KIER(Korea Institute of Energy Research) and KTL(Korea Testing Laboratory).



This signing ceremony was attended by Minister Kim Hyun-mi(MOLIT), Administrator Kim Hyun-suk(SDIA), Governor Song Ha-jin(Jeollabuk-do), Mayor Kang Im-jun(Gunsan City), Policymaker Ahn Ho-young, CEO Kang Pal-moon(Saemangeum Development and Investment Corporation, SDIC), Im Choon-taek(KIER) and Jeong Dong-hee(KTL). 


□ It has been remarked as the first agreement signed with the research institute since ‘Saemangeum renewable energy vision declaration ceremony’ in October last year, meaning; it triggers to attract research institutes and create Saemangeum renewable energy cluster.


  KIER, National R&D(Research and Development) Institute, has dedicated to energy-related research and development in means of discovering and supporting energy-related projects of 700 billion won worth per year and is leading a techonolgic innovation. They plan to support companies’ demand for testing through establishing ‘National Comprehensive Research Test-bed’.

KTL, the comprehensive testing and accreditation organization in the industrial field, has contributed to improve industrial technologies by means of developing high-quality testing and evaluation technologies and providing assistance to companies for obtaining international certification. They plan to execute test certification, performance evaluation, research and development and technical support for the Saemangeum floating photovoltaic solar power sector.

Along with that, they continue to cooperate with local communities; such as SDIA, Jeollabuk-do and Gunsan City and carry out administrative support for each institutions.


   -SDIA supports the lease for construction site and test-bed in such areas: floating photovoltaic solar-power infrastructure as well as permit for occupation and the use of public waters. Jeollabuk-do province and Gunsan city takes charge of the budget and relevant administrative matters, whilst SDIC supports administration process for reclamation license.

   -Other than that, SDIA and Jeollabuk-do will work together for joint-provision of services in order to attract research institutes and corporates, while actively cooperating to secure national budgets and attract more business.


□ Administrator Kim noted, “Saemangeum Renewable Energy Cluster has now possessed capabilities to perform research, test and demonstration of renewable energy based on this agreement." and added, “We are hopeful that it will become a landmark that drags research institutes and promising companies into Saemangeum”


□ Meanwhile, in Governor Song’s greeting, the governor said "We will support Saemangeum Renewable Energy Cluster to become a front-base that enhances the competitiveness of renewable energy industry of our own country, and hope that it will be a success story for other research institutes and companies that are planning on initial investment or moving in the Jeollabukdo area by doing so."


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